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C5 A full laser alignment was performed on the \'98 C5 convertible test car prior to starting the tire tests

Tire-pressure monitoring sensors provided by Contemporary Corvette were installed in both sets of wheels used for the tests

All tires were inflated to 32 psi and the tire pressure monitoring sensors trained as required prior to each test pas

Two sets of black powdercoated Z06 Motorsports wheels from Zip Products were used for all the tests; while one set of tires was tested, another set was mounted on the other wheels so they could be changed la pit crew-style for the next test pass

After mounting and inflating, each tire/wheel combo was dynamically balanced on a Hunter Hammerhead dynamic balancing machine

The Hammerhead screen confirms that correct wheel balancing has been achieved. This tire/wheel combo is good to go

The Martel C-322 Sound Level/Data Logger decibelometer was insulated with a foam pad and mounted on the flex-stalk that usually holds the GPS in the C5 test car

Cabin Noise Levels - Run-Flat Tires

Cabin Noise Levels - Non-Run-Flat Tires
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