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NAPA Products


NapaSince 1925, NAPA has been the recognized quality leader in the auto parts and repair business. That's important, because when it comes to maintaining your vehicle, you need parts and accessories you can count on.

NAPA-brand parts and accessories meet or exceed original equipment standards, and they're reasonably priced. They're designed for superior performance, reliability, and durability, and then constructed of high-quality materials; all reasons why NAPA parts are such a good value.

Take NAPA Gold oil filters, for example. They help engines last longer because they catch up to 45% more dirt than ordinary filters. NAPA application-engineered brakes can help your car stop 20 feet shorter than other brands. NAPA's Orbital batteries are the first to store acid in leak-proof cells, which makes them virtually indestructible. And NAPA Legend batteries have Smart Plates, which are 28% thicker than grids in ordinary batteries and help them stay charged longer.

NAPA's extensvie inventory includes more than 375,000 parts.

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