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Exide Technologies


Exide TechnologiesExide offers the most extensive line of automotive batteries in the world with sizes and power levels to fit 97% of vehicles on the road today. Whether you drive an economy car, a luxury sedan, a classic muscle machine, or anything in between, chances are very good there's an Exide battery for your vehicle.

Exide's industry-leading engineering and manufacturing expertise are the reasons their batteries deliver consistent performance and exceptional life. High cranking capacity and high reserve power, plus a heavy-duty construction that resists damaging vibration and punishing temperature extremes mean you can count on Exide batteries to start when it's cold, run when it's hot, and never let you down.

A global leader in stored electrical energy solutions, Exide Technologies is one of the world's largest manufacturers of lead-acid batteries used in network-power, motive-power, transportation, and military applications. They also have an increasing presence in emerging battery technologies. With sales in 89 countries, Exide offers the industry's most comprehensive portfolio of technologies, products, and services around the globe. The company holds one of the top three positions in every market segment in which it does business.

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